Recap of My Writing Projects From 2017

I’m doing my faculty activity report for 2017. My wife’s health has been stable, and that has fueled a productive year for writing. Here’s my list of works produced/completed since Jan. 1, 2017: Scholarship Emojis and the Law (draft in…

Spring 2018 Travel/Speaking Schedule

I’m not teaching this semester and I’m doing more business travel, so I have a few trips planned this semester, including: * February 22, Washington DC. I’m speaking at the Federal Communications Law Journal symposium on state regulation of privacy….

Interview With 'All About Cats' Regarding the 'Find Kitty Nala' Book

Interview With ‘All About Cats’ Regarding the ‘Find Kitty Nala’ Book

A year ago, I did an interview about the Find Kitty Nala book for the website “All About Cats.” I intended to repost it here but the draft got buried. Today, I’m celebrating Caturday by exhuming this draft (better late…

Celebrating Our 20 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Celebrating Our 20 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Lisa and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Because the Internet wasn’t ubiquitous in 1997, our wedding isn’t documented online like it would be today. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to collect some key resources into a…

Announcing 'Tech Edge JD,' a Major New Innovation in High Tech Legal Education

Announcing ‘Tech Edge JD,’ a Major New Innovation in High Tech Legal Education

Santa Clara Law recently announced the launch of a new certificate, the Tech Edge JD (abbreviated TEJD). The first cohort of TEJD students will start Fall 2018, and we are now accepting applications for the program. See the program’s website….

Photos from Recent Travels + Upcoming Speaking/Travel Plans

Photo albums from some of my trips this year: * In April, Lisa and I traveled to Sonoma and Mendocino * In June, I took my son on a father-son bonding trip to Manhattan (his first time in NYC!) *…

Santa Clara Law Alumni Magazine Coverage of the Privacy Law Certificate

The most recent edition of our alumni magazine has extensive coverage of our Privacy Law Certificate: * the feature/cover story: “Santa Clara Law Trains Privacy Law Professionals.” Among other highlights, the story captures some of the 2-decade-long bromance between me…

A Teenager’s View of the Seattle Vegetarian Scene (Guest Blog Post)

A Teenager’s View of the Seattle Vegetarian Scene (Guest Blog Post)

[Eric’s introduction: today I’m turning the blog over to my 13 year old son for his first-ever guest blog post] In October, my dad and I took a short trip to Seattle. I had never been to Seattle before, so…

Announcing the Publication of a New Book: "Find Kitty Nala"

Announcing the Publication of a New Book: “Find Kitty Nala”

In November 2013, we adopted a kitten we renamed Nala, though we often call her “Kitty” for simplicity and lack of creativity. She is both photogenic and a furball of personality, so we take a lot of photos of her….

Spring 2016 Trips to Israel, England and Death Valley

[Whoops, this got stuck in the blog queue. Posting now despite its datedness.] In April, I spoke on online trademark and marketing issues in Israel, legal education for high tech law in London and Section 230 in Brighton. Lisa and…