Blog About Working Moms

Marianna Moss is a friend (as well as the wife of my colleague Scott). She and some of her colleagues are running an interesting blog about working mothers that I recommend you check out if you’re in the target audience….

Internet Addictions and Role Modeling for My Son

As a parent, my actions have the effect of modeling behavior for my 3 year old son. For example, my son requests his own section of the newspaper to read during breakfast because that’s what Daddy does. I’m cognizant of…

eBay / Merger Closes

The eBay/ merger has closed. Congratulations to all involved. In honor of the merger, I wore my original eBay-logoed T-shirt from 1999 during Dina’s birth. (In the old days, I had worn an Epinions shirt during Jacob’s birth).

The Goldman Family Welcomes Baby Dina

Lisa, Eric and Jacob are pleased to welcome a baby girl to our family: Dina Rebecca Goldman Born August 28, 2005, 4 pm Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital, Milwaukee, WI 7 lbs, 4 oz // 19 inches Everyone is healthy and…

Conglomerate on the Disney Opinion

My colleague Christine and her compadres at the Conglomerate have been gang tackling the recent Disney opinion. And the New York Times has noticed. Congratulations to Christine and the Conglomerate crew!

Moss on the Employment-at-Will Doctrine

My colleague Scott Moss (a frequent commenter on this blog) has posted his latest article to SSRN on the employment-at-will doctrine called “Where There’s At-Will, There Are Many Ways: Redressing the Increasing Incoherence of Employment At-Will.” This article explains how…

Hurt on Classroom Sensitivity

My colleague Christine Hurt wrote a column in the Chronicle of Higher Education about her experiences teaching torts. She describes how she led the class in thinking through various harms that people suffer and how the legal system values those…

Blogs With a Marquette Law Connection

There has been a recent proliferation of blogs with a connection to Marquette University Law School (I’ve noticed a spike in blog activity around final exam time–blogging is the quintessential way to procrastinate!). Here are the ones I know about:…

New Jacob Photos

I’m running behind on maintaining Jacob’s photos, but I uploaded a bunch (with a video and some letters) to his website (new material under November 2004-January 2005).

Moral Hazard and the Initial Public Offering

My colleague Christine Hurt wrote a paper, the Moral Hazard and the Initial Public Offering, which is now available on Westlaw at 26 cdzlr 711. You can also download an earlier version from SSRN. Christine takes a critical look at…