Law Teaching Careers–PART II

This is the second of a five part series of posts about law teaching careers. See Part I. This series was instigated by an email interview I had on the subject. Today, I deal with the second of the reporter’s…

Law Teaching Careers–PART I

I find it interesting how many people are interested in law teaching as a career, and how many law professors have espoused their views on this subject. I have contributed to this discussion in part with some thoughts already. With…

No Bribes for Textbook Adoptions

Virginia is adopting a law banning state college professors from accepting payment from textbook publishers for adopting textbooks. My first reaction: good idea. My second reaction: I don’t remember being offered any payment!

Article on Professor Salaries

Good article on the role of shopping around at other schools on professors’ salaries.

Email lists for IP and Cyberlaw Professors

At the Michigan State Law School IP Works-in-Progress conference over the weekend, we discussed various email lists that we use as professors to keep up with the law. I offered up these as some of the top resources I rely…