and the Wisconsin Legislative Response

A few weeks ago I blogged about, a Texas-based website that is planning to allow a person to operate a real 30.06 gun on a platform to “hunt” animals. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the operator of claims…

Olympics of Cheese

Milwaukee hosts the “Olympics of Cheese.” The article includes a procedure for cheese tasting: “Chew the cheese, allow it to cover the tongue for a few seconds, spit it out – and then smell the aroma.”

More on

Another critique of the site with some warnings about scams and misleading site text. My earlier post. (Thanks to Politech for the reference).

Free Credit Reports

Today is the first day Midwesterners can get their free credit reports from Generally, I think this is a terrific idea. Credit reports have a significant impact on us and it’s always fascinating to see what they remember. Credit…