Best of Mountain View 2008

The local paper (the Mountain View Voice) published its Best of Mountain View edition. The best businesses. The best restaurants. As usual, these are generally competent lists of where we go as locals:

* House of Bagels (just down the street from us) satisfies even bagel snobs

* Hobee’s is my favorite destination for business breakfasts

* Amici’s pizza has become our standard lunch when we have parties at home. Their vegan pizza is pretty good.

* the Mountain View farmer’s market is really terrific. We love biking to it on wonderfully sunny Sunday mornings. However, for more cost-effective and convenient produce just over the border, we’re new fans of Foothill Produce next to Trader Joe’s on Homestead, under new management by one of the key buyers from the Milk Pail. The prices are ridiculously low compared to the farmer’s market.

* we were a little disappointed with Garden Fresh for a while, but it seems to have righted the ship and once again is a favorite vegan option. Among other things, we like the basil rolls, the vegetable curry soup and the Mongolian chicken (similar to the Hunan Chicken, also a favorite). I also like the “complimentary” tofu and corn chowder that starts the meal when you eat-in.