Burger Wars Are Back–Introducing the Beer Barrel Main Event Charity Burger

In 2005, I had a series of posts about noteworthy burgers, including the 12.5 pound Zeus burger, the 15 pound Beer Barrel Belly Buster (only 10.5 pounds of beef) from Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub (see the photo), whale burgers and poodle burgers.

Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub has reignited the burger wars with the Beer Barrel Main Event Charity Burger, a 123 pounder (only 80 pounds beef) that costs $379. See the photommm mmm good. Don’t ask about calories–as the owner says, “If you were worried about calories you would be at home eating Kellogg’s.” Sounds like it would be a little pointless to ask about the number of cows sacrificed for the cause, too.

In any case, the escalating burger wars may spark a new variant of Moore’s law by doubling the poundage every 2 years. In 2036 we’ll be talking about the Galaxy burger which weighs more than all of the matter in our galaxy.