Calendar of Law School IP Conferences/Presentations

Mike Madison has undertaken the public service of providing a one-stop central repository for upcoming conferences and presentations by IP academics. The desperate need for this calendar was demonstrated by the multiple mid-air collisions of this weekend, when there were at least 5 attractive IP-related events scheduled:

* State of Play in New York

* Third Party Intermediary Liability conference at Santa Clara

* Work-in-Progress event at St. Louis University

* IP Conference at Univ. of Houston

* Association of Internet Researchers annual meeting in Chicago

This made for an extremely busy weekend for many professors! I flew from Santa Clara to Chicago very early Saturday morning to make a 3:30 Central time presentation on Saturday. I know several other professors, including my colleague Irene, who took red-eye flights from Santa Clara on Friday to other events. I’m hoping Mike’s calendar function will help minimize these overlaps so we can participate in all of these great events. Thanks for doing this, Mike.