Dzienkowski on VLG

John Dzienkowski has an interesting post about the former Silicon Valley law firm Venture Law Group. John ponders if the demise of VLG as a standalone firm has any lessons about the viability of its unique business model. I competed…

I’d Rather Be a Member of the Mile High Club

Stephanie Francis Ward wrote a provocative/disturbing article in the Feb. 2005 ABA Journal entitled “2,000+ Club Stays Open 24/7.” (Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a web version, though you can get it on Westlaw at 91-FEB ABAJ 32). The recommendations are…

Lawyers in Chat Rooms

The California State Bar recently issued an advisory ethics opinion that a lawyer may not post a message in a chat room for victims/families of a recent mass disaster where the lawyer announces herself as a lawyer and offers to…

Justice is Blind (and has hairy palms)

This item is a little indelicate but it’s so bizarre that I feel compelled to pass it along. UPDATE: AP reports on a prosecution for indecent exposure. UPDATE 2: The judge was convicted of four counts of indecent exposure.

Taking on One Law Firm’s Culture

Judge orders entire 80-attorney law firm to take a refresher course in ethics.

Lawyer overbilling

Prime example of lawyer fraud through overbilling. I really don’t understand this—did he really think he would not be caught for billing 94 hours in a 24 hour day?