I’d Rather Be a Member of the Mile High Club

Stephanie Francis Ward wrote a provocative/disturbing article in the Feb. 2005 ABA Journal entitled “2,000+ Club Stays Open 24/7.” (Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a web version, though you can get it on Westlaw at 91-FEB ABAJ 32).

The recommendations are truly chilling. The article starts off:

“WANT TO BILL MORE THAN 2,000 hours a year? It’s not as hard as it seems–just be at your desk by 7 a.m., don’t take a lunch and limit personal Internet usage to no more than 15 minutes a day. And if someone stops by to chat about a nonwork-related matter, tell the person that you’re headed to a meeting, even if you’re not.”

Sounds like a friendly environment. Another way to boost hours is to look for opportunities to churn a file:

“Nosing around for work also helps, says a New York City corporate associate who generally bills 2,400 hours a year. He frequently calls partners in a variety of different locations to check in and inquire how certain transactions are going. Often, that results in the partner assigning him work.”

The article continues by noting how his schedule also contributed to his divorce.

The article concludes with a quote from an attorney extolling the billable hour-potential of 405 gridlock and a cellphone:

“”You can do billable hours from the San Diego Freeway,” he says. “It’s a way to be productive in an otherwise unproductive time.””

Note: it is a productive use of time to drive safely…