ChatGPT’s College Application Essay, “Cali Girl” Style

My daughter is a senior in high school and applying to college. She asked ChatGPT to write a college application essay for a California GenZ female interested in arts and the humanities. I was amused by what ChatGPT came up with:


Hey fam, diving into the art scene at a liberal arts uni? It’s like entering a whole new galaxy of creative vibes. Forget just messing with paint or clay; it’s all about finding your groove and expressing your true self in the most epic ways.

So, like, for a Cali girl who’s all about art and kinda obsessed with the classics, studio art is like a modern-day time-travel sesh. Imagine the canvas as a time machine, letting me vibe with peeps from back in the day or channel my inner Renaissance queen. Every brushstroke is a vibe, merging my essence with stories that go way back.

In the liberal arts mix, studio art is where the cool subjects collide. It’s not just about making something look nice; it’s about mixing art with classics. My paintbrush turns into a storyteller, dropping tales inspired by ancient myths. And when I’m sculpting, it’s not just about messing with clay; I’m giving life to stories that feel like they’ve been around forever.

The canvases I’m working on? Not just surfaces; they’re like portals into history, showing off the chill vibes of classical times. Mixing art and classics in the studio is like blending the old with the new in this never-ending story. It’s not just about creating art; it’s about vibing with the classics and dropping my own twist into a story that’s been rolling forever. Studio art in a liberal arts spot? It’s not just school; it’s like a laid-back hangout with creativity and a dash of classic coolness. 🎨✌️ And you betcha we’re bringing those ancient vibes into the modern Cali game.Β πŸŒ΄πŸ’β€β™€οΈ


(Yes, ChatGPT included emojis in its output. I wonder how many college application essays organically incorporate emojis as part of the narrative?)

(I guess ChatGPT thinks it’s GenZ-speak to use the term “vibe”? It shows up 6 times).

Just to state the obvious, my daughter did not end up using any part of ChatGPT’s output for her essay. LOL.