Co-Blogging Law Paper

If you’re interested in blog law, you might check out my paper called “Co-Blogging Law.” In it, I discuss the legal implications of joint/group blogging and guest blogging. I wrote this paper for the Bloggership Symposium at Harvard Law School; read more about that event here. The paper abstract:

Bloggers frequently combine their efforts through joint blogging and guest blogging arrangements. These combinations may be informal from a social networks perspective, but they can have significant and unexpected legal consequences. This Essay looks at some of the ownership and liability consequences of co-blogging and guest blogging. To do so, the Essay will consider different possible legal characterizations of co-blogging, such as partnership, employment and joint ownership. The Essay concludes with some recommendations to minimize the implications of unexpected legal characterizations, including encouraging bloggers to make private agreements, educating bloggers about their choices, and exercising judicial restraint

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