Continued Blawgswarm on Law Teaching Careers

Anayat Durrani released her article on law teaching careers at, quoting (among others) Solum, Wendel and myself. Her email interview with me for this story prompted my five-part series on law teaching careers from a couple of weeks ago, which in turn contributed to a blawgswarm on the topic. The latest set of entries come from Orin Kerr and Randy Barnett at Volokh Conspiracy. Their posts bristle with wisdom, insight and pragmatism. I especially agree with Orin that persistence and dedication have a high probability of being rewarded—there are obstacles at every corner, yet many candidates can overcome them with commitment and realistic expectations.

At the risk of continuing the blawgswarm, Anayat did email me more questions for Part 2 of her story, due next week, and as a result, I’ll post a four part series this week. This series focuses on what she calls “less traditional” candidates, but I think mostly it refers to experienced lawyers who decide mid-career to seek a professor position. She also asks some about the role of being an adjunct—something I have a lot to say about, given that I taught 8 courses as an adjunct over 7 years at 3 different law schools. My first post in the series is here.