Email lists for IP and Cyberlaw Professors

At the Michigan State Law School IP Works-in-Progress conference over the weekend, we discussed various email lists that we use as professors to keep up with the law. I offered up these as some of the top resources I rely upon (in addition to my RSS reader, blogs, etc., etc.):

Cyberprof. Closed list for cyberspace law professors. Contact Mark Lemley to be added.

IPProfs. A list for IP law professors.

JuniorIPProfs. A list for junior IP law professors. A surprisingly welcome complement to IPProfs.

CNI-Copyright. A mix of practitioners, academics, students and industry folks. Principally practice-focused.

TMTopics. Like CNI-Copyright, also practice-focused.

Michael Geist’s Internet Law News. Essential daily reading for anyone in the Cyberlaw field.