Favorite Photos of the Past 3 Years

Lisa and I have posted over 400 photos to Flickr over the past 3 years. See goldmanlisa, Eric Goldman Mountain View and my newest account. I’ve gone back through them and selected some of my favorites.


* Me in front of the Peter & Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, Russia (2011) [this is my current online avatar at most sites–thanks to Oliver Metzger for taking this photo]

* Dina and Binoculars (2010) [there is something about this photo that cracks me up every time I see it]

* Dina with her new Pillow Pet (2010)

* Jacob at the Sonoma Coast beach (2010) [this has been my computer wallpaper since I took it]

* Jacob kayaking (2010)

* Dina the Flower Girl (2009)

* Dina and Daddy at Craig and Sarah’s wedding (2009) [this was my Facebook avatar for a couple years]


* Sunset from East Bay Campground on Angel Island (2011)

* Vernal Falls and Dina’s drawing of it (2011)

* Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam (2010)

* Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam (2010)


* Slinky collection #1 and #2 (2011)

* Vegan Banana Split Cupcakes (2008) [these tasted as good as they look]

* Slinky Cake for my 40th birthday (2008)