Good News for Vegetarian Cannibals

It’s a little hard to take this seriously, but I’ve been unable to confirm if it’s a joke/cheap publicity stunt.

A Dartmouth Business School student is planning to offer tofu designed to taste like human flesh. Initially the website will just offer Hufu Classic Strips, designed to “resemble the choicer flesh, which is upper arms, thighs and buttocks.” However, future offerings are supposed to include Hufu Hearts and Dr. Lector’s Liver, along with a recipe for “Dr. Lector’s Liver and Fava Beans.” (Not sure about the trademark implications of the Dr. Lector-branded products).

The student wisely recognizes that the market for cannibals who would prefer tofu substitutes is small, but he hopes to build a branding empire on the cannibalism shtick. I guess that passes for a business plan nowadays.

Meanwhile, I think I speak on behalf of most vegetarians who like tofu when I say: gee, thanks for further denigrating the public’s perception of tofu. Like we don’t get enough grief as it is.

(Thanks to Jewish Buddha for the reference)