How I’m Celebrating a Milestone Birthday (and How You Can Help)

I’m turning 50 in a few weeks, and I’ve been thinking how to celebrate the milestone. There are many online clickbait pages on the topic, most of which are either generic or insipid. I guess after so many years of life, I should have acquired enough wisdom to know how to answer this question for myself.

Most folks recommend some “travel.” I took an exotic trip for my 40th birthday, but I’ve decided against doing a “big” trip now for a variety of reasons. However, I will take some smaller trips: I am applying for the lottery to climb Half Dome, and I plan to camp on San Miguel Island off the Santa Barbara coast (I have visited San Miguel Island before, but only for part of a day).

We’re not going to have a physical-space fete, but we aim to do some virtual reminiscing, and this is how you can help. My wife is assembling a book of stories and anecdotes about me from folks I’ve touched, and it would mean a great deal to me if you are willing to share your thoughts with her. Her request:


My husband Eric Goldman (you may remember him under his prior name, Eric Schlachter) is turning 50 in April. To celebrate the milestone, I’d like to put together a virtual retrospective of his first 50 years.

To help with that, I would be grateful if you would share your favorite or most memorable story or anecdote about him. It might be some way he helped you, a time he made a big impression on you, a noteworthy moment you shared, or even something he did that’s worth mocking or roasting (he dishes it out, so he can take it). The story or anecdote doesn’t have to be long, but the more factually detailed and specific it is, the more meaningful it will be. If you want to share more than one story, go for it! Also, if you have any favorite or rare photos you’d be willing to share, that would be awesome!

I plan to compile all of the stories into an album that I’ll share with him and the kids on his birthday. We might ultimately want to share the album publicly, so please let me know if it would be OK to (1) share your story/anecdote that way and (2) attach your name to it publicly.

This isn’t a secret, so don’t worry about blowing any surprise. Thank you so much for considering this request. If you could email me ( something at your earliest convenience, that would be fabulous.

Thanks so much!

– Lisa