Illegal Spyware Use Contributes to Attorney Discipline

In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against Kristine Katherine Trudeau, 2005 WL 3007005 (Minn. Nov. 7, 2005).

In matters not involving client representations, Trudeau “pled guilty to gross misdemeanor interference with a 911 call and misdemeanor unauthorized computer access by installing and using an email spyware program. Respondent also violated a harassment restraining order and orders for protection, made false statements to police officers while intoxicated, and filed frivolous litigation against one of the persons she harassed.”

As punishment for these misdeeds, Trudeau’s law license was indefinitely suspended (but for a minimum of 30 months) plus other assorted sanctions such as getting substance abuse counseling. The law license suspension is in addition to any punishment she received under the criminal law system (and there could be civil liability as well). I couldn’t easily find any more information about the underlying spyware conviction–if you have any information on that, I’d be grateful.