Junior Lawyer War Stories

The New York Lawyer (reg. required) has a story recounting various mishaps and war stories involving embarrassing experiences of attorneys. Some of my favorite war stories are from my summer associate experience:

3) While driving to lunch, a summer associate asked the partner how much his car cost

2) The summer associate (same one) asked a female senior associate when she was going to get pregnant

1) The firm held a progressive dinner where appetizers, dinner and dessert were at 3 different partners’ houses. Alcohol flowed freely at these events, which makes for a bad combination because the diners drove from house to house. One summer associate had imbibed too much. He had parked his car in the last partner’s driveway. Upon departure, he put his car in forward rather than reverse and drove his car through the partner’s garage door.

(If you’re keeping score, summer associate #2/3 didn’t get an offer, but summer associate #1 did.)