Law Teaching Careers–PART V

This is the fifth of a five part series on law teaching as a career, which was prompted by an email interview I had with a reporter. See Parts I, II, III and IV. Next week, I will discuss some of the emails I received in response to this series. I invite your comments on the series. Sorry that today’s post is comparatively short and sweet, but this was the easiest question the reporter asked.

5) Are you happy you chose this career path?

Law professors say that we have the best job in the world and that we can’t believe we get paid to do what we do. In my case, I spend my time doing, as my main job, what I chose to do as my hobbies when I was in practice. In other words, I now get paid a decent salary for doing the activities I used to do voluntarily for free with my discretionary time. It’s hard to imagine a better job than that.