Lawyer Named One of 25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians

I’m backlogged as usual, but reading through the August 2007 issue of VegNews, I saw that Christine Garcia of the Animal Law Office was named one of the 25 most fascinating vegetarians by VegNews. I’m a little unclear on the state of her practice; her website says that she is not taking any new clients until mid-March 2007. Looks like her website could use some updating. But the vignette about her practice was nevertheless inspiring, especially this part:

“I offer a vegan discount to clients. Anyone who seeks my services is entitled to a sliding discount depending on how many days a week they pledge to adopt a vegan lifestyle….I implemented this because I hated representing people’s animals, then going out to lunch with them and seeing them eat more animals.”

This is the first time I’ve heard of a lawyer offering a vegan discount, but I respect someone who puts dollars behind her beliefs.