Mountain View Ranked #4 Best Place to Live

Forbes recently ranked Mountain View as the fourth best place to live among towns under 100,000 people. As the Mountain View View points out, this ranking is despite the magazine’s belief that we don’t have good restaurants in town, even though we have a vibrant restaurant scene–especially in downtown on Castro Street, where the competition is particularly high. They don’t even mention our year-round farmer’s market, a huge treat within biking distance.

We used to live in San Carlos before our Wisconsin sojourn, and while I liked San Carlos a lot (especially the Bay views from the hills), Mountain View is even better. There are more services and resources in town, and there are more things to do in the South Bay than in the mid-Peninsula. And I have the apparently typical commute time of 20 minutes–a reverse commute, no less, as I rarely experience much traffic in either direction.