New Ads–This Time from PETA!

After my ironic run-in with hunting ads, my post on the Happy Cows case appears to triggered AdSense ads from PETA. For example, I’ve now seen a few ads promoting, such as:

Got Osteoporosis?

Why dairy products won’t help you maintain healthy bones

I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian, so I’m not completely anti-milk. However, I’ve definitely scaled back my consumption of dairy products in the last couple of years (such as switching to soy milk for my breakfast cereal), so I’m a lot happier to have the PETA ads than the hunting ads!

(FWIW, Jacob doesn’t seem to like dairy milk; we’ve offered it to him but he won’t drink it. Plus, he has an allergy to eggs, so we don’t give him eggs either. So he’s a nearly vegan baby!).