Note to Law Students: A Way to Jumpstart Your Job Search

The New York Times has a nice feature on Joshua Fisher, a Minnesota Law 3L who runs “,” which tracks every detail in the messy divorce between the owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Through his blog coverage, Fisher has become a go-to commentator on the divorce and its implications for the team.

With respect to his job search, the article quotes Fisher as saying “Employers like people with a story, and I have a better story now than I did a year ago and I see the difference.” *This* is one way you can jumpstart your job search. We can’t all get lucky enough to spot a big issue as it’s exploding. However, every law student has the capacity to develop specialized expertise on a commercially valuable topic, demonstrate that expertise to future employers through written work product, and become an authoritative and respected source on that topic. As Fisher indicates, doing so creates a completely different dynamic with employers than simply presenting oneself as a smart candidate with a lot of promise.