Plant-Based Pizza, Willow Glen (San Jose)

Before Plant-Based Pizza opened in the Willow Glen district of San Jose in November, the Bay Area’s leading vegan pizza spot was Pizza Plaza, inconveniently located in Oakland. Now, we have a hometown option! In fact, with the November openings of Plant-Based Pizza and Veggie Grill (just a few days apart), the South Bay vegan scene has gotten a lot more interesting.

Plant-Based Pizza has a small but clean facility with 5 eat-in tables, meaning they don’t really expect most customers to eat on-site. On our visit, we got a peppers and shroom pizza slice and a 12″ vegan BBQ pizza. The BBQ pizza had a thin crust, daiya cheese, an unobtrusively mild BBQ flavor, non-housemade fake chicken, and a few onion and cilantro here and there. Yet, the flavors worked surprisingly well together, creating an irresistible combination that meant we enjoyed every bite and had no leftovers.

Prices were on the high side but fair. The menu has many more intriguing options to explore. The world needs more vegan pizzerias! Please, let’s support this place so it will remain a viable business.

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