Reflections From My Trip to Cuba

In March 2013, my wife and I spent a week in Cuba. I blogged some of my observations about the trip in a three-part series at Forbes:

* Part 1: Havana, Cuba And The Dead Hand Of The Municipal Planner

* Part 2: Cuba Is A Tough Place For Vegetarians — And That Won’t Change Any Time Soon

* Part 3: Fantasize About A World Without Advertising? Try Cuba

My wife also wrote two posts on the trip, which I previously posted here:

* Reflections on Visiting Cuba

* Want Vegetarian Food or a Spinning Class in Cuba? Tough

We also posted a lot of photos and some videos:

* My photos from Cuba.  A smaller gallery of just my favorite photos.  Specific galleries: vegetarian food, old cars, propaganda, Havana stores

* My wife’s photos from Cuba

* My videos from Cuba