RSS Magic Mixes and Reclaiming the Blogging Mojo

I was horrified to see how blogging has dropped off at this blog. It’s odd because I really do enjoy blogging and wish I had more time in my schedule for it. The last 6 months have been very busy and I have to prioritize. I find that this blog suffers the most for it. I’m not going to promise to do better because I’m not sure I can keep that promise, but I do hope I will find more time.

However, there may be another dynamic at work. I have mentioned before that I aggressively prune my blogroll from time to time. Recently I did another purge and dropped several blogs that I had subscribed to for a long time (2 or more years). In some cases the blogs had changed–new co-bloggers who were diluting the posts of interest, or a dropoff in blogging activity (much like my own). In other cases, it was simply a recognition that I wasn’t getting as much from the blog as I used to, and I am aggressively trying to skinny up the amount of time I spend in Bloglines to free up time elsewhere.

Perhaps the purge may have gone too far, because I’m finding less things in my Bloglines account that I feel compelled to blog. It seems like there is a magic mix of RSS subscriptions that yields a steady diet of bloggable items. Too many subscriptions, and I drown in infoglut. Too few subscriptions, or the wrong mix of subscriptions, and I find less blogging inspiration. I fear my last purge screwed up the secret sauce, and now I’m trying to figure out how to get my Bloglines mojo back.