Santa Clara Women’s Soccer Team

It turns out that Santa Clara University has a strong women’s soccer team. The San Jose Mercury News ran a lengthy story on its successes–the women’s soccer team “has reached the national semifinals 10 times, won an NCAA title, visited the White House and been featured in the movie Bend It Like Beckham.” Coach Smith tried to explain his success by describing the special approaches to coaching a woman’s team, which I’m offering up without comment:

Tactically, technically, physically, there isn’t much difference between coaching men and women….But psychologically, there’s a huge difference. With guys, it’s `How can I get mine?’ With women, it’s `Is the chemistry right? Are we happy?’ Women are much more concerned with each member of the group being happy and healthy, and they want to do what they can to make it right”….Guys don’t care about [feedback], but with women, it’s critical. If a kid is having a bad day, I want to know it so I’m not as critical of them, or so we can talk before practice. They need to know that you care, that you’re aware of their family and personal life.