Slinky Interview for Hsu Untied

artworks-000082300251-t45rkg-t200x200Last summer, I interviewed with Richard Hsu, a partner at Shearman & Sterling, as part of his series of interviews about lawyers with unusual hobbies. Naturally, we discussed my love for slinkies. Listen to the interview.

The Recorder recently interviewed Richard about his series, and the slinky interview came up:

Silicon Valley lawyers don’t seem like people who have a lot of leisure time. How do people find it? I’m surprised myself at how much they find it. But you know, a lot of lawyers are very passionate about these hobbies. That’s one of the things I enjoy about it most. You commented about Eric Goldman’s Slinky hobby. Originally I thought, “That just doesn’t seem like much of a hobby.” But it was one of the best interviews I’ve done. Eric Goldman tweeted out himself, “Of the hundreds of interviews I’ve done, this may be the most fun.” I tapped into something he really loves.

So true