Slinky 60th year anniversary

Don Fernandez of Cox News writes an article on Slinky’s 60th year anniversary. For enthusiasts like me, there’s not much new in the article (the article seems to rely heavily on a press release from the manufacturer), but it is still a nice summary of the topic. However, I absolutely hated the analogy between Paris Hilton and the slinky (saying we like both because they are “brainless things that move funny”)—this person clearly doesn’t understand slinkies and exudes disdain towards slinkies.

I have written a lot about slinkies. The principal highlights:

· my 1,600 word comprehensive review of slinkies

· why slinkies are good office toys

· a review of the Super Slinky

· a review of the Slinky Extreme

(Thanks to my student Matt Holemon for the link).