Slinky Ringtones

I don’t get the ringtone phenomenon. I’m not a big fan of cellphones generally (I got my very first cellphone ever in August, and I’ve used it less than 20 minutes since then), and I don’t care what the ring sounds like. Certainly I don’t care enough to pay for a new ring. But a smart marketer may have come up with a way to potentially dislodge some of my money by offering a ringtone based on the Slinky theme song from its old commercials. See here and then search for “slinky.” Unfortunately, the AG Interactive verison is like a bad Muzak knockoff–it’s horrible! If you would like to hear a more listenable version of the song, try here.

Meanwhile, according to Clickz, the slinky ringtone is just the beginning:

“Slinky content for mobile devices and IM will include emoticons, backgrounds and wallpapers, winks, avatars, screensavers, video ringtones and clips from the toy’s classic commercial.”