Spring 2013 Travel and Speaking Schedule

Here’s my tentative upcoming travel and speaking schedule for next semester. As usual, if I’m going to be in your neighborhood and you want to connect, let me know.

* January 5-7: AALS Annual Meeting, New Orleans. I’m speaking at the IP Section meeting Sunday afternoon. Other than that, I have some play time both Sunday and Monday, so let me know if you want to do some New Orleans tourism. Among other things, I’ll be on the hunt for vegetarian food in unfriendly environs.

* January 15: talk at Los Altos High School about online content [I know! can you believe anyone would put me in front of high schoolers???]

* February 6-7, ABA Antitrust Section Consumer Protection Conference, Washington DC.

* February 20-21, Yale ISP, New Haven. I’ll be giving a noontime talk that Thursday.

* February 21-23, Notre Dame, South Bend. Attending a marketing workshop on Friday.

* February 28, USF/Microsoft Trademark Conference, Los Angeles.

* March 1-9, Cancun and Cuba.

* March 15, 15 Year Retrospective of the DMCA, Santa Clara University.

* March 16, Internet Law Works-in-Progress Conference, Santa Clara University.

* April 11-13, Trademark Scholars’ Roundtable, Bloomington, Indiana.

* May 2-3, ITechLaw Annual Meeting, Scottsdale, AZ (not confirmed yet).

* May 30-31, Rocky Mountain IP Institute, Denver (not confirmed yet).