What Happened to Toby the Rabbit?

You may remember the silly story of Toby, a cute bunny featured on the website SaveToby.com. The owners threatened to kill and eat Toby if they did not get $50,000 in donations by June 30. I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am that (a) the extortionists didn’t get their $50,000, yet (b) Toby is safe, at least for now. The charlatans blame their shortfall on PayPal for blackballing them, but they decided not to devour Toby yet despite the shortfall.

Meanwhile, showing their typical enterprising spirit, they have found a new extortion scheme. They promise to release a funny book and will spare Toby’s life if you buy their book. (So far, no specifics on how many copies need to be sold (and by when) to save Toby). They promise the book by September, but their (minimal) credibility is already spent.

Here’s my counterproposal to them: eat the damn rabbit already, and spare all of us from having to see your book. I think that would be a better outcome for all of us (except Toby).