Presentation on Regulating Speech in Virtual Worlds

I’m giving a speech on Friday at Santa Clara University School of Law at the Rules & Borders: Regulating Digital Environments symposium. I was asked to speak about “regulating content” in virtual worlds. This is a pretty open-ended topic, so…

Lawyers in Chat Rooms

The California State Bar recently issued an advisory ethics opinion that a lawyer may not post a message in a chat room for victims/families of a recent mass disaster where the lawyer announces herself as a lawyer and offers to…

Justice is Blind (and has hairy palms)

This item is a little indelicate but it’s so bizarre that I feel compelled to pass it along. UPDATE: AP reports on a prosecution for indecent exposure. UPDATE 2: The judge was convicted of four counts of indecent exposure.

Taking on One Law Firm’s Culture

Judge orders entire 80-attorney law firm to take a refresher course in ethics.

Law Review Editors to Authors: “Too Many Words”

The blogosphere is abuzz with the announcement that law reviews are going to try to limit the length of law review articles. If true, this is excellent news for everyone, including authors like me. But I don’t believe it for…

Lawyer overbilling

Prime example of lawyer fraud through overbilling. I really don’t understand this—did he really think he would not be caught for billing 94 hours in a 24 hour day?

Trademark Blog

Marty Schwimmer had nice things to say about my paper on Internet search. If you’re interested in trademark law, I encourage you to read his Trademark Blog. It’s the definitive blog in the space.

Ravikant v. Tolia

I have been thinking a lot about the Ravikant v. Tolia complaint filed January 19. This lawsuit arises out DealTime’s acquisition of Epinions in 2003. In that merger, all of the common stockholders got wiped out (including me). The plaintiffs…


Welcome to my personal blog. In the future, I plan to launch a “professional” blog that will cover substantive legal topics related to search engines, Internet law and marketing law. This blog will cover everything else—postings about my papers and…