McDonald’s Hit With Second Large Settlement Over its French Fries

McDonald’s pays out $8.5M for failing to adequately disclose delays in switching the oils used to cook its french fries. Of course, vegetarians still remember McDonald’s past misrepresentations about its French fries being vegetarian.

“Most Popular General Student Law Reviews”

ExpressO put together a list of the “100 Most Popular General Student Law Reviews” based on the number of articles submitted through ExpressO’s system. This list struck me as very odd. Seeing Yale Law Journal at #10, Harvard Law Review…

More on Law Review Article Length

I recently posted on law review article length. On Saturday, I got the following spam from the Cornell Law Review: Thank you for submitting work to Cornell Law Review in the past. We are excited to let you know about…

Red Herring Article on Ravikant v. Tolia

Good article recapping the lawsuit.

Presentation on Regulating Speech in Virtual Worlds

I’m giving a speech on Friday at Santa Clara University School of Law at the Rules & Borders: Regulating Digital Environments symposium. I was asked to speak about “regulating content” in virtual worlds. This is a pretty open-ended topic, so…

Lawyers in Chat Rooms

The California State Bar recently issued an advisory ethics opinion that a lawyer may not post a message in a chat room for victims/families of a recent mass disaster where the lawyer announces herself as a lawyer and offers to…

Justice is Blind (and has hairy palms)

This item is a little indelicate but it’s so bizarre that I feel compelled to pass it along. UPDATE: AP reports on a prosecution for indecent exposure. UPDATE 2: The judge was convicted of four counts of indecent exposure.

Taking on One Law Firm’s Culture

Judge orders entire 80-attorney law firm to take a refresher course in ethics.

Law Review Editors to Authors: “Too Many Words”

The blogosphere is abuzz with the announcement that law reviews are going to try to limit the length of law review articles. If true, this is excellent news for everyone, including authors like me. But I don’t believe it for…

Lawyer overbilling

Prime example of lawyer fraud through overbilling. I really don’t understand this—did he really think he would not be caught for billing 94 hours in a 24 hour day?