Betting Against the Packers Pays Off Big

From an AP story: The Green Bay Packers haven’t been shut out in 233 games. Brett Favre hasn’t been shut out in his 16 year career. So it seems like a safe bet that the (sometimes hapless) Chicago Bears aren’t going to shut out the Packers on opening day. Randy Gonigam, owner of the Gonigam’s World Furniture Mall in Plano, IL and a big Bears fan, takes that bet. He promises his customers that their purchases (up to $10,000 each) will be free if the Bears shut out the Packers on opening day. 206 customers, $300,000 of sales and one shutout later, Gonigam describes himself as a little “shell-shocked.” But, to his credit, Gonigam made a smart move–he has bought prize reimbursement insurance that covers this event–so a truly happy day for *everyone* in Plano, IL. As for Wisconsin, well, I presume that Monday was a day of mourning.