Bloggers Get a Lot of Emails

I get a surprising and steadily increasing flow of emails related to my blogs. Just today, I got the following emails:

* an email from an attorney working on a case I blogged about, wanting to clarify the case. I actually get several of these types of emails a week; it’s interesting how many litigators Google their cases to see what people are saying about them. (I swapped emails with her and ended up posting an addition to my blog post)

* a cryptic email from some company that helps mobile phone users read blogs, asking if they could offer my blog to their subscribers. (I didn’t understand the request, but I said yes so long as I could change my mind)

* an email from a blogger notifying me that he had posted on a topic of putative interest, with the implied request that I link to the post (I did check out the post, but I’m not going to link to it; others appear to have gotten the same message and have already promoted his site)

* an email from an undergraduate who was sued by the RIAA and who is now trying to recoup his settlement payment through a donations website. The email asked me for a link (I told him good luck on his endeavors)

* an email from a former student saying that he had perused my blog and had a follow-up question about a legal point (I pointed him to a speech outline on my website that answered his question)

Whew! I’ve never been so popular in my life. And I didn’t even get any PR contacts today, but I get those pretty regularly now.

As I’ve said before, my blogs are pretty small-potatoes as blogs go. So if I’m seeing this type of inflow, I shudder to imagine what real bloggers get.