Coasean vs. Coasian–Which is Correct?

My next big paper is titled “A Coasean Analysis of Marketing.” An earlier draft was titled “A Coasian Analysis of Marketing,” but then I got nervous that Coasian was not correct. So I asked my buddy Scott, who teaches Law & Economics, about the correct spelling. He didn’t know off the top of his head, but he did a few searches and concluded that it was mostly a draw, with a slight preference for Coasean. With that, I switched.

Now, Todd Zywicki at the Volokh Conspiracy provides a much more definitive analysis on this topic. Based on his literature searches, he concludes that Coasean is preferred slightly (60% to 40%). Read the comments–they are hilarious. Interestingly, some of the pro-Coasean camp appear to have strongly held views about the correctness of their position, so I’m glad I switched.