Bob’s Pumpkin Farm, Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is our local pumpkin-picking capital. There are at least a dozen pumpkin farms in the area, most of them straddling Highway 92 as it heads west towards the ocean. These farms range from no-frills pick-your-own farmstands to Lemos Farm, a pumpkin stand on steroids that is closer to amusement park than agriculture. (Lemos Farm is also responsible for causing the near-gridlock on Highway 92 during pumpkin season).

Based on a recommendation from Sunset Magazine, we bypassed all of the options on hectic Highway 92 and went 5 miles south of the 92/1 intersection to Bob’s Pumpkin Farm. What a terrific destination! It had all of the standard elements of a pumpkin patch–a hay bale pyramid, a few farm animals, a decent corn maze and lots of varieties of pumpkins and accessories like corn stalks. Bob’s also had a great produce stand with farm-fresh fruits and veggies. But what really distinguished Bob’s was its setting–it’s on the east side of Highway 1, with uninterrupted 180 degree vistas of the Pacific Ocean less than a mile away. This stretch of the coast can be foggy regularly, but on the day we went, we were blessed with 70 degrees and sunny weather right along the coast. There may be nothing more enjoyable than picking pumpkins in shorts and t-shirts while gazing at the million dollar views of the Pacific Ocean where ever you look. Recommended.

(See some photos we took at the farm).