Kaplan Is Hiring LSAT Prep Instructors. Should I Go For It?

downloadI got the following unsolicited email today:

My name is [redacted], and I’m part of the recruitment team at Kaplan Test Preparation, a national organization which helps its students prepare for standardized tests through classroom instruction and individual tutoring. I came across your profile, and I thought you could be a great match for our LSAT instructor position in San Jose.

This is a flexible part-time instructor role, with courses running in local institutions and usually meeting on evenings and weekends. The starting rate is typically $22/hour for teaching time, and raises are earned based on performance. In addition, your training, any preparation time and any non-teaching hours are compensated for and can be completed virtually. Because I’ve already gotten a chance to review your background, I can tell you that the only requirement which you’d have left to meet in order to be considered is to have at least 90th percentile scores on the LSAT. If you don’t already have these scores, we can send you a practice Kaplan LSAT exam to take for free in order to prove 90th percentile efficiency.

If you are interested in learning more, please let me know and I’d be happy to email with you or chat with you by phone to see if this might be a good fit! If this role isn’t a good match for you, I’d appreciate you sharing the information with any friends or colleagues who might be interested. You can send me their information or share my name and email address with them

1) It’s nice to be wanted! Perhaps this will become my plan B if the law professor gig doesn’t work out.

2) One of the favorite parts of my current job is scaring the tuna salad out of law students. Could you imagine if I unleashed that shtick on pre-law students?!

3) Are the openings for new LSAT prep instructors a leading indicator that the LSAT market is turning around? That would be good news for the law school market too.

4) I took the LSAT so long ago that they used a different point scale. When I took it, the max score was 48. Now, the scale is 120-180. So if I sent my score without explanation, I imagine they would wonder if I could fog a mirror.

5) If you are interested in the gig and want me to submit your name, let me know.