More Spam from Phone to Phone Inc.–This Time on Behalf of

I’ve been kvetching about the heavy barrage of spam and telemarketing from I haven’t previously mentioned that they are an operation of Phone to Phone Inc., which apparently has branched out into spamming for other sites it operates. This week a number of folks complained about being spammed with an email congratulating them as a top 100 law blog. See, e.g., Bob Ambrogi’s post. I never received the top 100 honor spam but I was privileged enough to get a different spam from


from Partick Coleman


date Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 12:47 PM

subject Love this site -

Dear Webmaster,

Our website is considered one of the largest legal informational database in the world, containing crucial information on jurisdictions and breaking legal news. We have offered this site to the public to increase the FREE flow of information. There is little to be said for the many judicial systems around the country and we strive to offer the information much of the public seeks. The only way to increase the information we offer is to seek out some of the top informational resources online. Your blog seems to be an excellent informational resource and would bring a great resource to our viewing public. We would be pleased to offer your inclusion in as a featured blogger, as well as giving you the Featured Blogger Badge. This is a prestigious award given to some of the brightest bloggers around the country to recognize their dedication and hard work. You will see the code for the featured blogger badge within this email, please get back to us with your blogs banner so we may make your blog available to our public ASAP. Thanks!, keep up the great work.

[code omitted to ensure that they get no link love here]

Nick Fox

Senior Marketing Executive

Phone to Phone Inc.

1 International Blvd. Suite 203

Mahwah, New Jersey

+1(551) 655 6828


If this is the first time I had heard from this outfit, I simply would have marked it as spam as another link request and then moved on. But because of the Phone to Phone Inc. connection, this just becomes more evidence of Phone to Phone Inc.’s shadiness. Another piece of evidence of their shadiness: the email purported to be from “Partick Coleman” but the sig block says “Nick Fox.” Spamming lawyers and bloggers is bad enough, but sloppy spam is inexcusable!

I am now skeptical of all Phone to Phone Inc. operated websites, which (according to Bob) include,,, and Great way to build your brand, guys.