Spams Me Again (Twice in One Day!) continues to earn my antipathy. You may recall that a few weeks ago, I got spammed by Dominic Sebahia on behalf of At that time, I sent my blog post to Dominic and got the following reply:

“Sorry about it, Sir. But, there was no harm intention to hurt you. I am promising you that no one from our firm will be contacting you in future. Our emails are not spam. We just need co-operation from people like you. We are here to help people. Anyways sir, I am sorry again.” (emphasis added)

A broken promise! This morning I got a virtually identical spam from Steven Kim under the subject line “We love your blog” (aww, how sweet, but I’m beginning to wish they loved me a little less):


from Steven Kim


date Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 9:18 AM

subject We love your blog


My name is Steven and I am the Director of Marketing for found your blog/website interesting. Our blogs are posted in most of the websites. I want to feature you onto our website and that for absolutely free. Our website is the first telelegal portal that connects attorneys to those in need of legal advice through phone to phone consultations via the technology on our website. I would love to feature your blog on NewLawyer as I believe that many of our Lawyers would enjoy your blog. I was hoping to have NewLawyer added to your blog roll if that would be at all possible. I’ve included some additional information below and if you have any questions feel free to find my contact info below and call me. I look forward to hearing from you.

We would like to list your blog on our site as an additional resource to our users. We believe that your blog would be a great addition. The blog’s website would be linked to our page so that our users would be able to click the link and utilize your website and find more information. We believe in the free flow of information and want to provide the best resources for our users. The following information is to reciprocate the link on your own website:

Title: Lawyer, Attorney , Legal Advice , New Lawyer (NewLawyer dot com)

Description: Personal Injury Lawyer, Accident Lawyer, Divorce Lawyer, Attorneys, Legal Information

The following are points of information listed on our website:

* Listings of licensed legal professionals

* Blogging information

* Legal news around the country

* Additional resources for the users to take advantage of.


Interestingly, Dominic’s email indicated that he was the director of marketing. So either they have multiple directors of marketing, or Dominic got the sack (wishful thinking) or everyone who uses their template falsely claims to be the director of marketing.

I am beginning to get emails from other folks who are ticked at For example, I recently got the following email:

“I just wanted to write and thank you, post reading your article on They approached me this evening with the standardised letter and I found the whole affair a little dubious. Google flagged up your article and it confirmed my sentiments. As there is nowhere on your site to comment, I am e mailing just to say your post is appreciated.”

It just seems inevitable that if keeps annoying lawyers, eventually one will turn litigious. You’ve been warned.

UPDATE: I got a second identical email from Steven Kim about 3 hours later. What will it take to stop their emails?

UPDATE 2: Ryan Gile of Las Vegas Trademark Attorney blog also got nailed with the following message:

Dear Mr. Gile,

My name is Michael Foti and I am the Director of Marketing for a network of legal websites that includes,,,, and Here at, we are running a campaign to highlight some of the top blawgs on the internet. After reviewing your blog, we’d like to include you, and your blawg, in that feature. Below, I’ve included the code for you to copy and paste into your source to display your Top Legal Resource award button. An extraordinary amount of time and effort goes into making a feature like this possible, so all we ask in return is that you display your award banner prominently for all your readers to see. Please email me once you post it so I can check it out. Thank you and congratulations on being one of the top legal resources on the internet!


Michael Foti

Director of Marketing, PhoneToPhone Inc.

1 International Blvd. Suite 211 Mahwah, NJ 07495

Office: 201-252-8255


UPDATE 3: I posted a critique of on SiteJabber.