New Essay: ‘Writing Tenure Review Letters’

I’m pleased to announce the publication of a new essay, Writing Tenure Review Letters, 19 Green Bag 2d 357 (2016). The essay abstract:

Tenure review letters are a crucial part of the tenure process, but academic communities don’t often discuss how to write them. This essay offers my top 10 suggestions for how to conceptualize and write helpful tenure review letters.

Ross Davies of the Green Bag said he plans to have a “micro-symposium” about the essay in the near future. Green Bag micro-symposia consist of *very short* written responses to a Green Bag article, so participation will require a trivial fraction of the time required to write a traditional symposium contribution. If you think you might want to be a part of the micro-symposium about this essay, please email me and I’ll make sure you get the call for papers when it’s issued.

Because this essay is probably most helpful to professors who recently received tenure, I see it as a complementary piece to my 2013 essay “Top 10 Tips for a Newly Tenured Professor.”