PROJECT COMPLETE: I’ve Finished Selling My Mom’s Real Estate Portfolio

In addition to the emotional consequences, my mom’s death in April 2015 put a big workload onto my plate–including managing and liquidating her portfolio of 15 real estate properties. That has proven to be one of the most complicated and challenging professional projects of my career. So I’m sure you can appreciate my excitement to share the good news that we just closed the final real estate sale, thus completing the project 16 months after her death. Some stats:

The portfolio:

Real estate spreadsheet

Brokers interviewed: over 30
Different brokers (individuals or teams) used: 9
Range of commissions paid: 5%-7%
Highest number of offers on a property: 14
Times a buyer dropped out of escrow: 3
Times a downed tree needed emergency removal: 2
Shortest turnaround from selecting broker to closed deal: about 3 months
Longest turnaround from listing to closed deal: about 7 months