Order a Custom Pet Portrait By My Daughter

My daughter Dina is a gifted young artist. As one of her projects for this summer, she is offering to paint custom pet portraits. I know it’s early to start thinking about holiday gifts, but this is a gift every pet lover would treasure–and now is the time to order, as Dina may not have time to paint when school starts again in August. If you’re interested, email me at egoldman@gmail.com and I’ll connect you with her.


My name is Dina, and I am a 7th grader in Mountain View, California. I am available to paint a custom painting of your pet based on a photo you submit.

I’ve been taking art classes since I was 5. I love all kinds of painting, but I especially love painting animals. Here’s a recent example of my painting of my grandparent’s dog, JoJo, along with the original photo:


If you’d like to place an order, send me several (not blurry and well-lighted) photos of your pet. I will choose one of the photos you send (my choice, please) and paint it in acrylic on an 8×10 inch canvas panel. If you prefer something other than color (black & white, sepia, or a monotone), we can discuss that. I may choose to do an abstract or color background rather than replicate the photo’s background; if you have preferences about the background, please advise. The resulting painting will be ready for your framing. I will paint these during my summer break, so I expect to make deliveries in August.

Because I’m new at this, I’m not sure what price to charge. So instead of setting a price, I’d like you to pay whatever you think it’s worth. You can let me know when you order, or you can decide once the painting has arrived. I will pay for my supplies and shipping out of the price you pay, plus I’ll donate 15% of my proceeds to my mom’s lung cancer charity.

I’m also open to doing custom commissions. Contact me and let me know what you might be interested in.