Santa Clara Law Alumni Magazine Coverage of the Privacy Law Certificate

The most recent edition of our alumni magazine has extensive coverage of our Privacy Law Certificate:

* the feature/cover story: “Santa Clara Law Trains Privacy Law Professionals.” Among other highlights, the story captures some of the 2-decade-long bromance between me and Scott Shipman. The article includes two sub-features: (1) a spotlight, “Privacy Pioneer,” on my colleague Dorothy Glancy, who has been teaching and working in the privacy field for over 4 decades, and (2) featurettes on three of our superstar certificate alumni: Emily Yu, Joe Mazzella and Sona Makker. As I say in the featurette, “The real heroes in this story are the students.”

* To close out the issue (the “Closing Arguments” feature), I wrote a short article, “What Makes the Privacy Law Certificate Special?,” about the differentiators of our Privacy Law Certificate.

I’m proud of the Privacy Law Certificate, my role in its development, and the results we’re seeing for students and alumni. I think these articles do a great job telling the certificate’s story, so I hope you’ll check them out.

The issue also has some great coverage of our IP program, including:

* “Colleen Chien Awarded Young Scholar Medal by The American Law Institute

* “Santa Clara Law Graduate Azadeh Morrison Receives National Award in IP

I feel lucky to be associated with these talented individuals and to be part of such a dynamic community!