Save the Date! Bay Area Blawgers 4.0, March 18, SCU

Please mark your calendar for March 18, 6 pm-8pm, for the fourth gathering of the Bay Area Blawgers. We’ll make a more formal announcement of the event soon. This event is open to everyone and there’s no admission charge, but it will be especially interesting to legal bloggers. If you are not on the list of Bay Area Blawgers, please contact me so I can add you. Otherwise, please let me know if you think you can make the event so I can add you to the list of expected attendees in the formal event announcement.

BTW, the theme for Bay Area Blawgers 4.0 will be “Blawger Burnout.” I’ve noticed a very heavy turnover of blawgers in the past 12 months, and I think that will be a good topic for us to explore. There should be plenty of time to discuss other topics and to mingle with other local bloggers.

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