Some Reflections on Singapore (Twitter Style)

In August, I visited Singapore. It was my first trip to Asia. Some thoughts about my experiences, Twitter style:

* The joke is that the two national pastimes of Singapore are shopping and eating.

* Orchard Road was ridiculous. Numerous high-end luxury brands had multiple stores within blocks of each other–in some cases, on every block, both sides of the street. Who is buying all of this?

* I loved the hawker markets!

* Singapore restaurants are BYON = Bring Your Own Napkins. Many places don’t offer napkins and provide them only grudgingly on request.

* Despite the efforts to teach English, it’s still quite helpful if you can speak Chinese, especially if you’re navigating vegetarian options at non-vegetarian restaurants.

* When residents asked me what I wanted to see, I told them I wanted to see the “authentic” Singapore. That confused them.

* One of my favorite places was Little India. It’s like India with the colors and character, but Singapore-style–clean and tidy.

* Singapore lacks a must-see destination. The infinity pool on the Marina Bay Sands rooftop is close, but the thrill wears off quickly.

* The Night Zoo was also a good destination. Lots of cute critters.

* Gardens by the Bay is the first botanical gardens I’ve seen that has its own skyline.

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