Announcing Dina’s Flickr Gallery and Zazzle Store

For the last few years, my daughter Dina has been taking classes at a local art school, Drawn2Art. I know I’m being a proud dad, but my view is that she has unique artistic gifts, and her new items routinely elicit appreciation when we post photos of them to Facebook.

We’ve now collected Dina’s art into a Flickr gallery. Remember that some of these works she created when she was only 5 years old! You can see how much she has advanced by comparing her more recent pieces, like her giraffe.

(All of these drawings, and more, are also posted to Lisa’s Facebook photo album, but the Facebook album isn’t freely accessible like Flickr is. I’m working with Lisa to pick up some straggler items that are posted to Facebook but haven’t made it to Flickr yet).

We’ve also created a Zazzle store where you can buy tchotchkes featuring her art. If you are so inclined, please NEVER pay full retail at Zazzle. Zazzle’s pricing model uses a high list price coupled with new discount codes almost daily. You can find current Zazzle discount codes here. If you like a particular art piece at Flickr but don’t see it offered on the item you want at Zazzle, just contact me and we can easily create the new item/drawing combo at Zazzle.