Some Tourist Destinations I Dream About

[Note: I wrote this post in 2020, as we were trapped at home and I had cabin fever. In those dark days of the pandemic, I would let my mind wander to some of my favorite spots on earth to take away some of the stress and tension. These are the ones that came to mind most frequently.]

In California:

* Inspiration Point, Anacapa Island
* Bennett Point, San Miguel Island
* The Desert Divide, Garner Valley, Southern California
* Fern Canyon/Gold Bluffs Beach, Del Notre County (this is where Lisa and I got engaged 🥰)
* The Mendocino Coast
* Top of Half Dome (but the whole hike is amazing)
* Any old-growth redwood grove. I love them all, but some favorites include Montgomery Woods and groves off the Avenue of the Giants

Beyond California:

* The drive from Haines, Alaska to Haines Junction, Yukon. A contender for one of the world’s most scenic drives
* The Western Wall, Old City of Jerusalem
* Tent Rocks, New Mexico (1, 2)
* Kalalau Trail, Kauai
* Pinea Trail, Kauai