Spring 2020 Speaking and Travel Schedule

I’m not teaching this semester, so I have a flexible schedule. As always, if I’m going to be in your neighborhood and you’d like to connect, let me know.

Jan. 23-24: UCLA conference on algorithmic criminal justice

Feb. 6: Developed/The App Economy Tour, Oakland. I’ll be discussing the CCPA.

Feb. 7-8: WIPIP at SCU

Feb. 11-12: Faculty workshop at University of San Diego on my Content Moderation Remedies paper on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I’ll be on a panel regarding Herrick v. Grindr for their Pride Law student organization

Feb. 19: I’m expecting to participate in the USDOJ’s Section 230 roundtable in DC

Feb. 19: guest lecture at Tulane Law (by videoconference)


Feb. 24: workshop at Berkeley Law on my Content Moderation Remedies paper

Feb. 25: talk at Evergreen Valley High School about technology law

Feb. 28-29: Trademark Roundtable at Stanford Law

March 6: Technology at Society’s Frontier: Framing the Big Legal Issues, San Francisco

March 6: Consumer Law Scholars Conference at Berkeley Law. I’ll be a discussant on Ahmed Taha’s paper.

March 10: Cato “Return of the Gatekeepers” conference in DC. I’ll speak against censorship of social media (apparently a controversial position nowadays).

March 14: Internet Law Works-in-Progress conference at New York Law School. I’ll present my next major project, currently entitled “Validating Transparency Reports.”

March 16: SXSW, “FOSTA and the Future of Internet Censorship,” Austin

March 18: Santa Clara Law Faculty Workshop, Validating Transparency Reports

March 25: California Lawyers Association, Emojis and the Law (webinar)

March 27-28: Texas A&M Law, “Smart Law and Intelligent Machines,” Ft. Worth, Validating Transparency Reports

Week of April 6: I will have a multi-island speaking tour of Hawaii to talk about emojis and the law. Yes, I literally get paid to do this. The exact schedule is being developed, but so far I’m scheduled to be in Oahu April 6 and 7.

April 16: University of Oregon lecture, Eugene, Why The Internet Will Soon Look More Like Netflix (based off this paper)

April 22: Greenberg Traurig San Francisco, Platform Liability Updates

April 23: Greenberg Traurig Palo Alto, Platform Liability Updates

April 25-26: Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference, Yale Law School, Content Moderation Remedies

May 4: PLI, “Twenty-First Annual Institute on Privacy and Cybersecurity Law,” SF. I’ll be on a CCPA panel.

May 6-7: Privacy & Security Conference, Washington DC, CCPA (tentative)

May 12: KnowIt conference in Las Vegas on “Back to the Future of Online Data Privacy.”

May 18-20: I’ll attend the ALI meeting in San Francisco

June 7-10: I’m currently scheduled to be in Tel Aviv for some business

June 23: PLI conference in NYC on CCPA

July 29: Ninth Circuit Judges’ Conference, Portland, intermediary liability (tentative)

August 6-7: IPSC at Stanford (tentative)

August 6-8: Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions, San Francisco, Emojis and the Law (tentative)

Sometime around August 9: Lisa is giving a talk in Singapore, and we are going to extend the trip with a stop in Bali

October 21-22: Customer Technology World, Amsterdam, CCPA